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Apr 16, 2014
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Executive Officers

Information and biographies regarding the Executive Officers of Steelcase Inc.

Sara E. Armbruster
Vice President, Strategy, Research and New Business Innovation
Guillaume Alvarez
Senior Vice President, EMEA
Uli Gwinner
President, Asia Pacific
Nancy W. Hickey
Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer
James P. Keane
President and Chief Executive Officer, Director
Hamid Khorramian
Senior Vice President, Global Operations
James Ludwig
Vice President, Global Design and Product Engineering
Gale Moutrey
Vice President, Communications
Lizbeth S. O'Shaughnessy
Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
David C. Sylvester
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Eddy Schmitt
Senior Vice President, Americas
Allan Smith
Vice President, Global Marketing