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Can I buy or sell stock through Steelcase?

Steelcase does not currently have a plan in place to sell stock directly to the public. From time to time Steelcase reviews various plans for direct stock purchase. If a decision is made to offer such a program, shareholders will be notified and information would be included on this web site.

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Who is Steelcase's transfer agent?

EQ Shareowner Services (EQSS)
(866) 457-8829

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How can I change the address on my account?

EQSS can receive instructions for an address change by the following methods.

  • Shareowner Online- Requests can be done at
  • By Phone- Shareowner Services is open Monday-Friday 7am-7pm (Central Time). The toll free number is (866) 457-8829.
  • By Mail- Requests can be mailed to EQ Shareowner Services (EQSS), PO Box 64874, St Paul, MN 55164-0874. All request must be signed by the registered shareowner(s).

To access your account the first time, you will need to establish a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and a User ID, and you will need your 10-digit EQ Shareowner Services (EQSS) account number (which can be found on your dividend check or statement) . If you have additional questions, please contact: EQ Shareowner Services (EQSS), PO Box 64874, St Paul, MN 55164-0874. (866) 457-8829. If outside the continental U.S. and Canada: (651) 450-4064 TDD for those who are hearing or speech impaired: (651) 450-4144

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Who should I contact if I lost my dividend check and I need a replacement check issued?

Please contact EQ Shareowner Services (EQSS) (866) 457-8829

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Who should I contact to get a copy of my 1099-DIV?

You may view and print the previous year's tax forms online at or call (866) 457-8829.

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What is the ticker symbol?


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What is the Cusip Number?

858155 20 3

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Does Steelcase have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) and how can I participate?

Steelcase does not currently have a dividend reinvestment program. Any plans to put one in place would be communicated directly to our shareholders and will be announced on our site. In the meantime, your broker may accommodate dividend reinvestment in Steelcase.

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When will the next Annual Meeting of Shareholders take place?

The Steelcase Fiscal 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held on Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. EDT, or such other time as is established by the Chair of the Board via live webcast at: A replay of the event will also be available on this site.

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Who should I contact if I need further information as a Steelcase shareholder?

EQ Shareowner Services (EQSS)
(866) 457-8829 (U.S. and Canada)
Outside the continental U.S. + Canada:
(651) 450-4064
Steelcase Investor Relations
(616) 247-2200

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Financial Reports

Does Steelcase issue quarterly reports?

In an effort to provide financial information to shareholders in a more timely and cost effective fashion, Steelcase posts quarterly earnings reports on this site about the same time it releases them to the public via the news media. You may request copies of the company's quarterly earnings reports -- by mail or fax - simply by contacting the Investor Relations Department (

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When will Steelcase announce quarterly results?

Steelcase's fiscal year ends on the last Friday in February. Please check the Events & Presentations section this site for specific dates of quarterly results announcements.

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What are Steelcase Inc.'s SIC and NAICS codes?

Steelcase is listed under SIC code # 2522 and NAICS code # 337214.

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How can I obtain SEC documents such as a 10K or 10Q?

SEC documents are accessible on our web site under SEC Filings in the Financial Information section.

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Company Related

What year and where was Steelcase incorporated?

Steelcase Inc. was originally incorporated as The Metal Office Furniture Company on March 14, 1912 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Is it possible to tour Steelcase facilities?

We do not offer regularly scheduled tours of our facilities. However, prospective and current shareholders may contact the Steelcase Investor Relations department to arrange a visit to our Corporate offices.

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What percentage of your business is international?

At the end of our fiscal year 2023, our business segment revenue contribution was as follows: Americas (United States, Canada, the Caribbean Islands and Latin America) 72.4%, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) 18.9%, Other (Asia Pacific and Designtex) 8.7%.

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How many employees does Steelcase have?

We have approximately 12,000 employees worldwide.

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Who are Steelcase's top competitors?

Our most significant competitors in the U.S are Haworth, HNI Corporation and MillerKnoll.

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Who is the current CEO?

Sara Armbruster is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Steelcase Inc. Armbruster oversees all aspects of the company’s performance around the world. She has served in a number of different roles and responsibilities since she joined the company in 2007, including vice president strategy, research and digital transformation. She has been in her current role since October 2021. Please see the executive officers and board of directors sections for bios.

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